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by Matteo Levaggi, Fabio Adorisio

The project was born with the intention of highlighting those male dancers who have developed their careers outside Italy. The show will feature pieces of international choreographers, as well as pieces of young Italian choreographers. A unique moment to highlight the "Made in Italy" dance. The second part of the project focuses on female dancers to then unite everything in a third program for a great Italian rendezvous.


Mara Galeazzi, Principal Royal Ballet
Fabio Adorisio - Stuttgart Ballet
Vito Mazzeo - Het Nationale Ballet
Alvaro Dule - Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon
Lorenzo Pagano - Martha Graham DC
Simone Repele - Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve 
Sasha Riva - Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve 
Francesco Annarumma - Freelance dancer/choreographer 

Rosario Guerra - Gauthier Dance

Luca Afflitto - Zurich Ballet


IItalian choreographers application:

candidates are selected on the basis of their talent, experience and knowledge using classical ballet idiom.

send your CV - link video (max 10m.)

at matteo.levaggi@yahoo.it

Deadline december first 2018







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