Choreographer Matteo Levaggi and visual artist Samantha Stella (previously founder of Corpicrudi), started their artistic collaboration in 2008 at Biennale de la Danse de Lyon with project Primo Toccare White, which then developed into Black at the Joyce Theatre in New York and Red at TanzBozen in Bolzano. In the following ten years of activity they created together for Balletto Teatro di Torino, Maggio Fiorentino and other important institutions, some of the most significant works of Levaggi’s choreographic career. In 2018, after the première of Crises at Festival Transart in Bolzano, they decided to create Matteo Stella Dance Arts, which in its name points out the will to go beyond the historical vocabulary of dance and applied visual arts, to create a unique work of art that can draw from any possibile expressive language.

The projects created together in these ten years have developed into the common awareness that, in our contemporary age, we should talk of creation not as a “show” or a “ballet”, but as a “work of art”, and that the individual roles, choreographer and visual artist, and consequently, body movement and the aesthetic apparatus where the body is placed - scenography, installation, costumes, video, photography, sculpture, architecture -, even if always defined, are a symbiotic interprenetation from which the original idea takes shape.

One feeds on the other, without prevarication in terms of importance, in the common intent focused on the final result, the work of art itself. Following this fundamental concept, Matteo Stella Dance Arts are going to start the L.U.X. project, term that plays on the contemporaneization of an ancient, Latin, vocabulary, which means light. L.U.X. seems the abbreviation of a broader thought, that alludes to a method of common creation where dance and visual arts offer a new contemporary perspective. 


Matteo Stella Dance Arts officially premières with the creation Death Speaks conceived for the exhibition of the American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the thirthieth anniversary of his death, produced and presented by Museo Madre in Naples.


Call for 4 young visual artists


Levaggi and Stella are going to start in 2019 a series of workshops aimed at young dancers and visual artists.

The first city to host the L.U.X. project is Padua, in collaboration with the Professional Training Course, a project for dancers of Padova Danza, directed by Gabriella Furlan Malvezzi and recognized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities - Directorate General for Live Performance.

The course, being supported by Mibac, is free for both dancers and visual artists. It is accessible only through audition for the dancers, and behind selection of cv/portfolio received from the visual artists. It includes four meetings on a monthly basis (February, March, April and May 2019, specific dates will be announced later), each workshop lasting two consecutive days for 6 hours a day. The last workshop includes the staging of a final creation developed during the course of study. The course will take place at the headquarters of: Padova Danza in Via Antonio Grassi 33 -


The subject chosen for this cycle of meetings is Time, that is

the dimension in which the passing of events is perceived and measured, articulated in present, past and future, seen as a factor that drags the evolution of things or as a cyclical and periodic scan of Eternity.
Each meeting will include a moment of common discussion between dancers and students / visual artists about the subject, in order to give shape to a final staging that includes a choreography and and an aesthetic apparatus (of any language , installation - sculpture - photo - drawing - painting - video - costumes), the  choreographic research for the dancers, and a practical part coordinated by Stella for the visual artists. Each dancer will be asked to elaborate his own interpretation of the studied subject and will have to compare it with the reference student / artist. The student / visual artist will have to create / assemble one or more artifacts / objects respecting the subject of the study and in relation to the dancer's body action.
L.U.X. allows dancers and visual artists not to work on movement and aesthetic objects as single elements, but to stimulate interaction and dialogue, in order to give shape to a common total work.
For the selection of the four visual artists who will have free access to the course, send a CV / portfolio including a personal image and images of works already created at the following email address:
Deadline to send the portfolio: Monday January, 7th 2019.
The date for the selection of young dancers that will take place at the rehearsal room of the G. Verdi Theater in Padua will be announced soon. Reservations required:
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