Torino Film Festival 11.22.2015

Prize for the best italian video work - Coreografo Elettronico 2017

JULY 4, 5 - 2016 


“One evening, without any particular expectations, I went to the Lavanderia a Vapore theatre in Collegno, headquarters of the Balletto Teatro di Torino, directed by Loredana Furno, and I saw Sexxx, the ballet by Matteo Levaggi. I’m not a fan of modern dance, but I think this is why my fascination that evening was sincere and convinced. Above all, I was struck by the way the choreographer was able to take the explicit gestures and movements of sexual communication and transform them into the language of dance. And since body language is one of the topics I have been interested in filming since that ‘scandalous’ Guardami, I was already sufficiently motivated to transform the ballet into a movie. I tried to shoot the ballet as though it were telling a story, using a strictly cinematographic style, almost as though the movie camera were another element of the choreography, often adding movement to movement. I think the movie-goer’s experience will be quite different from that of the spectator in the theatre.”


Davide Ferrario 
from the ballet of the same title by Matteo Levaggi and from Prelude for a Symphony in Black by Matteo Levaggi, Corpicrudi
Fabrizio Vacca 
film editing
Cristina Sardo 
Vito Martinelli 
Kristin Furnes Bjerkestrand, Manuela Maugeri, Viola Scaglione, Denis Bruno,

Marco De Alteriis, Vito Pansini
Davide Ferrario, Francesca Bocca



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