CRISES new work 2018


"These astonishingly competent players demonstrated that they could turn the faint scraping of bow on violin string or a percussive piano chord into glamorous, ...dramatically charged sonic gestures.”
Marck Swed - Los Angeles Times, about mdi ensemble


Crises comes from a vision of the staging of contemporary dance which embraces the visual theater, as already done with two important productions (Primo Toccare I II III and Le Vergini) conceived by Matteo Levaggi and visual artist duo Corpicrudi (Samantha Stella and Sergio Frazzingaro).

This project is conceived by Levaggi (resident choreographer at Teatro Massimo in Palermo for 2017 and guest choreographer at Les Italiens de l’Opera de Paris) and Samantha Stella (visual artist and performer), featuring a new important partnership with mdi ensemble (contemporary music ensemble in residence at Festival di Milano Musica and awarded with the “Una vita nella Musica” prize by Teatro La Fenice, Venice).

Crises, which takes the name from the famous creation conceived in 1960 by Merce Cunningham, features music by some of the most innovative and experimental composers of today, such as Francesco Filidei and Simon Steen-Andersen, but also by composers who have given a key contribution to the musical revolution of the twentieth century, such as Claude Debussy, John Cage, Sylvano Bussotti and Helmut Lachenmann.

The theatrical and gestural nature of avant-garde music becomes a precious ally for a common re ection.

Crises is a free spirit production that blossoms through dierent languages: post - ballet, dance, music, theater. In an apparent play of roles, spectator - musician / performer - dancer / performer, the pièce molds itself around an engaging live musical performance. The audience observes
itself on stage, in a stream now soft, now impetuous, of bodies, instruments, notes, gestures, passages. Contemporaneity that uses a possible vocabulary to look forward again.


“Levaggi, as his co-generational choreographers Benjamin Millepied, Christopher Wheeldon, Wayne MacGregor, and before them Angelin Preljocaj, brings the inheritance from these important teachers in his DNA. His work is a combination of Balanchine and Cunningham’s theoretical and aesthetic solidity, with the addition of an artful con-
temporary touch.”
Elisa Guzzo Vaccarino - dance critic, about Matteo Levaggi


“The main interest of his work is the choreography for itself, the search for new forms of dance, in tune with his inte-
rest in the analogous developments of music and visual arts (and now also of cinema) without any prejudice in the relationship between given material and contemporary inspiration.”
Alfio Agostini - dance critic, director of Ballet2000 magazine, about Matteo Levaggi


“Once again it is Samantha Stella’s stylistic and visual elegance that emerges, thanks to her focus on detail, which, in
a streamlined, linear process, opts for fascinated representation of a dierent vision as a counterculture, for a decadent romanticism, for the charm of subtraction and sobriety.”
Francesca Alfano Miglietti - art critic, about Samantha Stella


“As testied by the precise synchronisations and the limpidity of the nuances, the musicians are de-nitely involved and magnicently express this repertoire which has to be discovered”
Jacques Amblard - Le Monde de la Musique, about mdi ensemble





Prelude for a Symphony in Black


Some are born to endless night.

(Auguries of Innocence, 1803, William Blake)


live installation 

choreography Matteo Levaggi

subject Samantha Stella - Corpicrudi

with Samantha Stella, Matteo Levaggi and Sergio Frazzingaro

music Joy Division and live show by The Death of Anna Karina

light design Fabio Sajiz

Production Alkema Ambasciatori di Cultura,

CoprMilanOltre, Traffic Gallery

Teatro Elfo Puccini, Sala Fassbinder, Milan, Italy, 2014


The Death of Anna Karina are Luca Gabrielli (bass), Davide Gherardi (guitar and keyboards), Andrea Ghiacci, (vocals), Adriano Pratissoli (drums), Alessandro Zanotti (guitar)



Prelude for a Symphony in Black


live installation

choreography Matteo Levaggi

subject Samantha Stella | Corpicrudi

with Samantha Stella and Matteo Levaggi

live music by Von Haze

designs by Frances Caine

Concept Los Angeles | Ace Museum, Los Angeles Fashion Week, 2014

in collaboration with Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles


Between Classicism, Post-Punk and Decadence.


CORPICRUDI is a visionary artistic project conceived by Italian artists Samantha Stella and Sergio Frazzingaro. The artists' work has been shown in international contemporary art galleries, museums and theatres; they work with writers, poets, choreographers, fashion designers, visual artists, musicians, composers, filmmakers, cultural magazines and networks. Their artistic careers have evolved over the years through the different idioms they use directly (photography, video, installations containing structural and bodily elements) mainly focused on body and live art and installation based practice, revealing their reflections on life and death, eternity, beauty and harmony. In addition to solo and group exhibitions in art galleries and museums, they have presented live installations in unusual locations, such as castels, fortresses, cathedrals (Castello Aragonese in Taranto, home of the Italian Navi, Duomo in Molfetta, Basilica di S. Maria Maggiore in Bergamo). They have participated in international premiéres with choreographer Matteo Levaggi in the theatres of New York, Lyons, Belgrade, Miami, Biarritz, Aix-en-Provence, Los Angeles, as well as prestigious Italian theatres. Collaborations with composers and musicians, and events presented with fashion designers (AltaRomaAltaModa, Pitti Immagine Florence, Milan Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week). Reviews of their work have been published in the Financial Times and The Brooklyn Rail in New York; they have been the subject of a documentary which aired on Sky Classica TVand a publication for Les Cahiers Européens de l'Imaginaire at the Ceaq-Sorbonne in Paris, as well as dedicated publications and many reviews in international printed and web magazines. 

Since 2015 Samantha Stella has presented her own solo projects and collaborations, including Sinfonia in Rosso (Symphony in Red), a live installation curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti, and the collaboration as perfomer in the project by artist Jasa of the Pavilion of Slovenia at Biennale Venezia. 



Study for Crises - 2018


Prelude for a Symphony in Black - 2014

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